Durjay Sengupta Talk to Durjay
A decade-old veteran of the hospitality industry, Durjay has closely interacted with global luxury travelers all his professional life, leading him to develop a keen understanding of their needs, motivations and concerns. This led him to envisage different sort of travel company, for whom every guest would be a unique adventure, where holiday ideas would spring from true insight into the preferences and interests of each individual traveller, leading to a truly bespoke luxury holiday experience that would be one of a kind in the Indian subcontinent.

Durjay started Compass India Holidays singlehandedly in the year 2000.

Durjay is passionately fond of travel and travellers. He continues to traverse the length and breadth of the subcontinent to stay up to date and remains hands-on to the extent that guests occasionally find it hard to believe that he “also” owns the company.

In his spare time, Durjay travels the world and collects low-slung European cars. He is also fond of quoting Robert Frost at you... the one about taking the road less traveled.

Sanjay Puri Talk to Sanjay
Born in Chandigarh, Sanjay’s journey in the travel industry began in exotic Benaras, the world’s oldest living city, where he worked with the prestigious TAJ Hotels Resorts and Palaces, interacting with thousands of travellers who poured into the city from all over the world.

The experience prepared him well for his sojourn with Compass, helping him develop a keen understanding of the needs and expectations of discerning global travellers. With Compass, he has honed his formidable skills even further, ensuring a service quality that consistently meets and often surpasses the highest global standards. Sanjay’s key responsibilities include formulating and implementing standard operating procedures to meet the Compass’s high benchmarks and determining the company's mission and strategic direction as conveyed through policies and corporate objectives.

Sanjay’s passion is people who travel, and he uses his hawk’s eye for detail to ensure that very Compass guest receives the highest levels of personal care, courtesy, luxury and security in the course of her holiday. Sanjay is also a highly enthusiastic practitioner of competitive sports like tennis, badminton, table tennis and cricket but generous and gracious host that he is, if you played with him, he would probably let you win.

Rahul Kumar Talk to Rahul
When Manager of Contracts Kumar first joined on with Compass at the company's inception, he had no idea that it would grow as quickly as it has into a worldwide brand for experiencing India. But looking back, he's also not surprised.

"India has such a wide range of things to see and do, and such a wide range of heritage," he says. For travelers with an equally wide range of travel interests, a company that provides such customized packages was certain to grow.

These days, he does legal work for the company, as well as hotel confirmation, while pitching in with operations and in other departments; he's a bit of a jack of all trades. But, he says, "I enjoy watching the company grow, and I enjoy being here every step of the way."