Folklore of Rustic India - 20 Days

Embark on an unforgettable journey bejeweled with royalty, sprinkled with folklore, myths and legends and revel in the luxury of the world’s best hotels. It’s boutique and character properties all the way without the hassle of having to leave a destination before you feel you’ve arrived. The sojourn takes you from the Capital city to the historical town of Neemrana to explore a panorama of 700 years of history and vast heritage.

Neemrana Fort-Palace is located on a high hillock and commands magnificent views of the surrounding beauty, now a heritage hotel with spectacular views of greenery, the Neemrana Fort Palace is housed in a 15th century reconverted fort and features two swimming pools, a landscaped garden, an ultra –luxurious spa.

Continue the romantic saga with a stay at Hotel Chomu Palace, a reflection of the Royal Palaces of India, is a 300 year old elegant fortified palace hotel and one of the places to visit in Rajasthan. It revives the gracious lifestyles of the princes of Rajasthan and the heritage of India .This historic palace reverberates with regality discreetly blending luxury with heritage.

Gajner Palace, a heritage hotel property is a jewel in the Thar Desert, built by HH Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh of Bikaner on the edge of a lake.

Lose yourself in this sprawling majestic palace, with its distinctive terraces and balconies; revered for its fabulous setting and unhurried way of life, explore a world of nature-walks, boat-rides, sanctuary dinners and desert safaris. Discover Rajasthan’s ‘best-kept secret’, just 30-minutes’ drive away from Bikaner.

Drive to the The Serai, Jaisalmer, a luxurious desert camp and spa, close to the medieval city of Jaisalmer is a spectacular getaway. Set on a hundred-acre private estate of indigenous desert scrub, The Serai draws inspiration from the designs of the royal caravan sites of Rajputana; blending their dash and vivacity with modern amenities and services. There is no better place from which to venture into the mystical environs of Jaisalmer or discover its fabled golden fortress, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Spend your evening under the star-lit desert sky echoing with the melodious and haunting music of the local tribes.

Next you head to Fort of the Sun, Mihirgarh – a palatial palace standing majestically amidst the Thar Desert.

The fortress mirrors the architecture of the local villages, with its rounded edges, open fireplaces and alcoves, and the colour of the stone merges seamlessly with the surrounding sand. Mihir Garh stands as a tribute to this land swept by the desert winds and has been designed as an eco-friendly hotel.

This royal trip continues as you explore one luxurious property after the other covering all the rustic locations in Rajasthan.

The 21 day tour culminates with the grand finale at the opulent AmanBagh, a contemporary sanctuary paying homage to India’s golden age and the historical landscape of Rajasthan. Evoking the palatial elegance of the Moghul era, Amanbagh's Haveli Suites and Pool Pavilions provide a tranquil base from which to explore the rich heritage of Rajasthan, India's dramatic frontier region. A perfect trip if you want a mix of the main sights along with truly rural experiences in the beautifully romantic desert state of Rajasthan.

Day 1-2 : Delhi

Company representatives will receive you on arrival at the international airport in Delhi. Transfer to your hotel. Relax.

DELHI, the capital of kingdoms and empires is now a sprawling metropolis with a fascinating blend of the past and the present. It is a perfect introduction to the composite culture of an ancient land. A window to the kaleidoscope - that is India.

Overnight will be at Delhi.

Next day, Enjoy a guided tour of Old Delhi after breakfast.

The tour will begin with a visit to Raj Ghat, a simple memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. He is also famously known as the "father of the nation".

One of the most important buildings of Old Delhi is the RED FORT. The magnificent Red Fort was built during the years 1638 - 48 when the Moghul Empire was at its peak. In 1638 Shahjahan transferred his capital from Agra to Delhi and laid the foundations of Shahjahanabad, the seventh city of Delhi. It is enclosed by a rubble stonewall, with bastions, gates and wickets at intervals. Of its fourteen gates, the important ones are the Mori, Lahori, Ajmeri, Turkman, Kashmiri and Delhi gates, some of which have already been demolished. His famous citadel, the Lal-Qila, or the Red Fort, lying at the town's northern end on the right bank or the Yamuna and south of Salimgarh, was begun in 1639 and completed after nine years. The Red Fort is different from the Agra fort and is better planned, because at its back lies the experience gained by Shahjahan at Agra, and because it was the work of one hand. It is an irregular octagon, with two long sides on the east and west, and with two main gates, one on the west and the other on the south, called Lahori and Delhi gates respectively. While the walls, gates and a few other structures in the fort are constructed of red sandstone, marble has been largely used in the palaces.

Continue your tour to Jama Masjid by bicycle rickshaws, one of Asia's largest mosques. People stream in and out of the mosque continuously and the presence of a nearby bazaar means that the area is rarely quiet.

Enjoy the rickshaw ride at Old Delhi peddling through the narrow by lanes of Chandani Chowk.

After lunch proceed for a sightseeing tour of New Delhi, which reflects the legacy of the British left behind. The division between New and Old Delhi is the division between the capitals of the British and the Mughals respectively. The division in the walled city and New Delhi also marks the division in the life-styles. The walled city is all tradition where one will be able to glean a past life-style in all its facets, colors and spells. New Delhi in contrast, is a city trying to live up to the best of 21st century standards.

Imperial Delhi will include the Qutub Minar, the tallest stone tower in India. Qutb-Minar in red and buff standstone is the highest tower in India. It has a diameter of 14.32 m at the base and about 2.75 m on the top with a height of 72.5 m. Qutbu'd-Din Aibak laid the foundation of Minar in AD 1199 for the use of the mu'azzin (crier) to give calls for prayer and raised the first floor, to which were added three more floors by his successor and son-in-law, Shamsu'd-Din Iltutmish (AD 1211-36). All the storeys are surrounded by a projected balcony encircling the minar and supported by stone brackets, which are decorated with honeycomb design, more conspicuously in the first floor.

Next stop would be the majestic Humayun's Tomb. Humayun died in 1556, and his widow Hamida Banu Begum, also known as Haji Begum, commenced the construction of his tomb in 1569, fourteen years after his death. It is the first distinct example of proper Mughal style, which was inspired by Persian architecture. It is well known that Humayun picked up the principles of Persian architecture during his exile, and he himself is likely to have planned the tomb, although there is no record to that effect.

The tour also includes a drive past the imposing India Gate, the Parliament building and the Rastrapathi Bhawan, the President's residence.

If time permits then visit the Lotus temple located in south of Delhi. It is lotus shaped and has rightly been given the name. It is made of marble, cement, dolomite and sand. It is open to all faiths and is an ideal place for meditation and obtaining peace and tranquillity. Its founder, Bahaullah (1817-1892), is regarded by Bahai as the most recent in the line of Messengers of God that stretches back beyond recorded time and that includes Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ and Muhammad.

We could even have time to see the Indira Gandhi Museum or else Lotus Temple can be replaced with the museum visit. The history of the Gandhi family is well documented in this old building which was the last residence of Mrs Gandhi.

Overnight will be at Delhi.

Day 3 : Neemrana

Morning after breakfast at hotel drive to Neemrana.

Arrive and check in at hotel. Afternoon visit Neemrana Fort Palace now turned into the one of the oldest heritage hotel of India built in 1464 AD in rock cut Aravali hills and local sightseeing of Neemrana visiting 11 storey deep step well and local traditional village. Evening explore the Fort Palace- stepped palaces of this architectural jewel cut into the hillside to sprawl over 3 acres/1.2 hectares and rises to 10 levels commanding the most splendid views. Including a vista pool to the horizon. From 1986, the ruins of this Fort-Palace have been sensitively restored and reconstructed. The rooms are furnished with an eclectic mix of traditional Indian and colonial furniture, antiques and objects d'art.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 4 : Chomu

After breakfast drive to Chomu.

Chomu is a city and a municipality in Jaipur district in the state of Rajasthan, India.

Reach Chomu by afternoon.

Interior of Chomu PalaceChomu Palace is a grand heritage hotel at 33 km from Jaipur at Chomu which is a small Rajasthani village steeped in heritage on the Sikar Highway at about 270 km from Delhi.

Chomu Palace, a reflection of the Royal Palaces of India, is a 300 year old elegant fortified palace hotel and one of the places to visit in Rajasthan. It revives the gracious lifestyles of the princes of Rajasthan and the heritage of India. It is an authentic and historic palace that discreetly blends with the modern amenities and facilities. This historic monument is designed according to the Indian Vastushastra philosophy.

Enclosed in 6 acres, Chomu Palace has a 5 meters thick fort wall and is surrounded by a deep moat. The entry to the palace is through a series of gates namely Kiladaro-ka-Darwaza, Shiri Deodi and Zenana Deodi opening into various small and large courtyards.

Overnight will be in Chomu.

Day 5-6 : Gajner

Morning breakfast at hotel and drive to Gajner.

Enroute city tour of Bikaner the royal fortified city with timeless appeal. lying in the north of the Thar desert, the city is dotted with many sand dunes. Visiting well preserved Junagarh Fort built of Red sand stone give the impression of rich inlay of pietra dura and apartments are merely richly painted. Lalgarh Museum the architectural masterpiece in red sand stone its facade is almost entirely composed of the pierced stone screens called jaails. Palace has beautiful lattice work and filigree work. Also visit Asia's biggest camel breeding farm to watch different breeds of Camels.

Thereafter continue your drive to Gajner Palace - a summer resort of Bikaner Maharajas -has often been described as ' an incomparable jewel in the Thar desert'. Built by Maharaja Ganga Singh ji of Bikaner, palace stands on the embankment of a lake. Upon arrival check in at hotel. Evening visit Gajner Palace enjoys views of spectacular sunsets from the deck while the solar powered boat on the lake can get you within few feet of the waterbirds.

Overnight stay at Palace.

Day 7-8 : Serai Camp

By road: 300 Km in 6 hours.

After breakfast drive to Serai Camp.

The Serai is a fantastic place to escape the crowds of the city and experience the slower pace of desert life. The desert views and starry skies at night are something really quite special and from the terrace outside your tent, shepherds and villagers can be seen wandering around this extraordinary landscape. Relax in the evening.

Overnight will be in the tents.

Day 9-10 : Mihirgarh

Breakfast will be at hotel.

Enjoy Sightseeing of the City

Overnight will be at Mihirgarh.

Day 11-12 : Devigarh

Devigarh FortBy road: 180 Km in 4 hours.

Breakfast will be at the hotel.

Rajasthan’s folklore is full of love stories-and romance fits beautifully into the elegant and tranquil surroundings of Devi Garh. Clinging to the rocky hill like a fairy tale fortress, the Palace casts an enchanting spell with its innumerable bay windows, canopies, terraces, and balconies. Dine by candlelit warmth where the silence of the stars is broken only by the sounds of distant music floating through the night sky. The magic of romance at Devi Garh is sublime, the effect staggering.

Overnight will be at Devigarh.

Day 13-14 : Shahpura Bagh

Breakfast will be at the hotel.

Enjoy Sightseeing of the City.

Overnight will be at Shahpura Bagh.

Day 15-16 : Chattra Sagar

Enjoy breakfast and leave for NIMAJ. (Chattra Sagar).

The fort of Nimaj was built in 1733 by the valiant ruler – Thakur Jagram Singh. Situated in the heart of the town, it is a massive structure built in traditional Rajput style with courtyards and separate wings for men & women. The little township is surrounded by places of historical interest, like the 9th century temple Magar Mandi, 3 Kms away. Visit nearby villages to see local craftsmen at work & a little further see blackbucks, blue bulls etc.

Lakes in the desert region are a rarity having their own charm. Chhatra Sagar, 4 Kms from the fort is a beautiful water body nestled between two hillocks. Built as a summer retreat, the lush green lawn, flowering trees and clear waters are like an oasis in the otherwise dry region. Boating and angling is possible. It is surrounded by lush green fields and vast grazing pastures. Chhatra Sagar, a hundred-year old reservoir with a periphery of about 10 kilometers, is an ideal destination for nature lovers and a perfect getaway from the chaotic city life.

As a hunting preserve of the Nimaj Estate, Chhatra Sagar has witnessed many exciting shikar camps and leisure parties. Today, the campsite, situated on the dam, offers breathtaking views of the sunrise, sunset and the Aravalli ranges on the horizon. The old shooting box - Aodhi has been put to good use as it provides a closer view of the water fowl and birds of prey.

Watch the birds, go for nature walks, soak in the fresh air, sit around the bonfire and listen to old folk lore - or be more adventurous and take one of the many safaris on offer. Experience the warm hospitality, and enjoy some truly delicious Indian and traditional Rajasthani meals cooked with farm fresh vegetables in the family kitchen.

Relax in the tastefully designed and well-appointed tented accommodation. Each tent has an attached bath with running hot and cold water, and its own private sit out overlooking the lake.

Get a few tips on Indian cooking from the family and the traditional chefs. Dinner would be typically RAJASTHANI.

Overnight will be at the camp.

Day 17-18: Devi Ratn

Post breakfast proceed to Devi Ratn, Jaipur.

Check into the beautiful hotel that takes its name from ‘Nav Ratn’ - nine pure gemstones that focus cosmic energy. The structure of the hotel was inspired by the figure and cosmology of the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur.

Enjoy sightseeing of the city.

Overnight will be at Devi Ratn.

Day 19: Amanbagh

Have breakfast the hotel. Proceed to Amanbagh near Alwar.

Amanbagh meaning “quiet garden” is among the most extravagant and accommodation in India. It is a modern building built in a conventional style that highlights the features of Mughal architecture. As the name suggests Amanbagh is a quiet retreat with rose tinted walls, domed cupolas and vast gardens taking you back to the times of kings and queens.

Reach and relax.

Overnight will be at Amanbagh.

Day 20: Delhi - Back Home

After leisurely breakfast proceed to Delhi. Reach and enjoy some last minute shopping.

Later enjoy the Farewell Dinner. Proceed to the airport for flight with sweet memories of India.


Tour Highlights

• Rickshaw ride at Old Delhi Bazaar,
• Game,Rareindia Tour PackagesHorse cart ride to Taj Mahal in Agra,
• Bbird watching in Chhatrasagar,
• Theatre show Kalakriti in Agra,
• Prayer ceremony at Birla Temple in Jaipur,
• Light and sound show at Fort Amer in Jaipur,
• Elephant ride at amer fort - Jaipur,
• Rickshaw ride at Bharatpur,
• Short camel ride and dinner at Sam Sand Dunes at Jaisalmer,
• Roof top dinner at Pal Haweli overlooking the lit-up fort- Jodhpur,
• Camel cart ride and lunch in Samode,
• Visit to bishnoi village in Jodhpur, and
• Boat ride at Udaipur - if water level permits.
• Village visits as per the itinerary,
• Escorted walk in the local streets / markets


• Accomodation at mentioned palace / royal tents / suites/ heritage accommodations on double occupancy,
• Daily buffet breakfasts,
• Sightseeing tours as mentioned in the itinerary,
• Eenglish speaking company authorised guide for all sightseeing tours,
• Private air-conditioned deluxe toyota innova vehicle for all transfers & sightseeing,
• English speaking driver for the full tour,
• Meet and assist at the airport on arrival/departure,
• Monument entrance fees,
• Toll taxes, driver allowance, parking, and
• All applicable taxes and service charges.


• Accomodation at suggested hotels,
• Daily buffet breakfasts,
• Non ac vehicle with the driver for the full tour,
• Meet and assist at the airport/station on arrival/departure,
• English speaking local guides at applicable places,
• Sightseeing tours as mentioned in the itinerary,
• Entrance fee to the monuments,
• Airport departure tax,
• Bhutan visa fee, govt. royalty, hotel taxes and tourism development fund fee,
• Airfare in economy class Paro-Delhi,
• All applicable taxes and service charges, and
• All road taxes, government taxes and driver allowances,


• Lunches and dinners (except for those mentioned in inclusions),
• Personal expenses,
• Camera fees, tips etc,
• International airfare,
• Visa charges.


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